Say When…

June 29, 2023

"Tell me when" says the server at Olive Garden grating the Parmesan over the salad, meaning they want me to tell them when I have enough cheese.

Saying when is a simple idea that we can use in our daily loves, as well. Sometimes there is no visible end to the troubles that beset us, and all we can do is seek shelter from the storm. But often, it's up to us to decide when we have had enough. An irritant might be just a minor inconvenience for a while, but the longer it lingers, the more irritating it becomes. Say when. Say that you have had enough, and refuse to let the irritant into your life anymore.

A draining person can latch on to a sympathetic ear. Know when that person is starting to take more than you are willing to give. Say when.

The same can also be true of good things. I have family and friends that could spend days shopping, I’m good with a couple hours. I love doing DIY project, but I also know it becomes too much of a good thing for me. I say when— when I’ve been working on it too long, when the chaos and disarray make me anxious. I say when.

Be aware of how much your cup can hold. When you have had enough, say when.

If you’re struggling to say when to other people and activities, let’s connect. I can help you find your balance and your voice.

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