Awareness. Acceptance. Freedom to Choose.
Coaching will help you unlock what is holding YOU back.
You can learn to level up your impact on your circle, your work, and the world.


A better YOU is closer than you think

It starts with understanding YOURSELF - awareness of how your experiences and mindset have created the person you are today.

From there, we will unveil where you want to go and why, and explore potential opportunities along the way. With intention and alignment to your values, you will have a renewed focus for your purpose; equipped with tools to a better you.


Are your leaders equipped to lead?

How often do we promote our best employees into manager roles without stopping to train them on how to lead?

Too often those new leaders struggle with communication, empathy, setting expectations and making good decisions.

We can address that in a team setting. We will start with awareness - helping your leaders understand where they struggle. Then through coaching, leaders learn how to create trust, have healthy conflict, accountability, commitment thus greater results for the organization. With periodic follow up to ensure these leaders are equipped, they will continue to influence the organization in positive ways.

The Coaching Process

It starts with YOU

Once YOU start to listen to that inner voice…
telling you that you are meant for more…
telling you that you can make a greater impact…
then it’s time to for US to connect.

WE connect!

At our initial meeting - by phone, Zoom, or in person depending on your preference, it's a conversation, so there's not need to feel pressure or obligation. I’ll ask you at a high-level what you want or where you feel stuck; don’t worry if it is unclear for you, I’ll ask questions and we’ll get an idea together. This initial conversation will help us both gauge compatibility to move forward.

YOUR Baseline

If all systems are go, it is time for us to build understanding about you – how you perceive the world and the energy you bring to those around you.  We will use proven techniques, through various assessments, for identifying where you currently are.

Outline YOUR Journey

With this knowledge of who you are, we will discuss where who you want to become and what you ultimately want. We will dig in…we will discuss the challenges in your current world…we will brainstorm and learn…and we will make plans for propelling YOU forward.

Check YOUR Progress Weekly

We need to keep the ball rolling and weekly check-ins work best.  How did the week go?  Did you execute on our plans?  Where were your wins, and where did you struggle?  We recalibrate and you decide the plan for progress in the week ahead.

Celebrate YOU

Tapping into your courage and commitment, YOU will build the confidence to achieve your goal. You’ll break out of your current rut, you’ll land that better job, ask for what you need or start that new business.  I can’t wait to celebrate YOUR success!

Greatness lies within you
Today is the day to start living YOUR BEST life! Schedule a FREE discovery call TODAY!