Your time is limited.  You have to be focused on day-to-day operations and fighting the ‘fires’ that come up.
YOU can outsource some of your challenges to me. Together we can drive your business to the next level.



YOU stay focused on your business - let Mendy handle your project

Bogged down in the day to day of the business to explore opportunities or new ideas? I can help with that! You won't have to find more hours in the day or week. I can take on the market research and analysis of a new idea or opportunity for you and report back the findings or niche opportunity that better aligns to your business model.

strategic planning

Helping YOU level up your business

You know in your heart that your business could be bigger and better, but how do you get it there?

Let's talk. I can analyze your business practice and team to help YOU understand what is working and what needs adjustment. It isn’t uncommon that while working IN the business and not ON it, it is challenging to see the big picture and potential opportunities. We’ll work together to create a plan to move the business forward through implementation of processes, technology or marketing campaigns

Is your day-to-day keeping you from next level growth?
Let me help with a project or planning while you keep your business rolling on.
MY BUSINESS needs help!