I believe in people…all people.
We all have gifts and talents that are meant to shared with our family, our friends, and the world around us.  
Unfortunately, life has a way of sidetracking us, getting us stuck.
However, with intention and effort, we can get you unstuck and you can truly begin to LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE.  

What is it like working with Mendy?

Mendy asks great questions

She truly wants to uncover deep down what you are thinking and feeling.  We all need to be seen and heard.  By being unafraid to ask great questions and listening with intention to your answers, Mendy can help to shine a light on why you feel stuck, enabling you to find your “Why”, and plan your way forward.  

Mendy builds great relationships

With experience from construction sites to board rooms, Mendy is comfortable with everyone.  She is wise like that friend that everyone in the group turns to for advice. People open up to Mendy, and she listens and naturally builds up those around her. Because Mendy builds great relationships, she is easy to partner with.

Mendy shares great insights

As a professional coach, certified by the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC), Mendy is trained to help her clients to see real change is possible. Mendy is constantly reading and learning to share great insights with her clients. Mendy’s insights can help you get unstuck and moving forward into a meaningful and purpose-led life.

Ready to get to WORK ON YOU?
I believe in you and am ready to help you with great questions. With intention and effort, you can live your best lift.