Jelly of the Month Club?

August 3, 2023

Motivation. It’s a funny word I think, one that holds so many different things—  for ourselves or other people; professionally or personally; for a team or individual competitors. 

For MLM’s it could be build your team, select from this category of prizes with an increase of sales; do you want some jewelry or maybe that new car? Corporately, it could be you get the company gear, maybe it’s the elusive bonus or maybe it’s a trip. 

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with any of those things…. we all want nice things, but what happens when that incentive is no longer enough for us?

Consider the Daniel Pink trinity from Drive: people’s motivation comes from a sense of purpose, autonomy, and mastery. In what ways, is what you’re doing, checking the boxes Pink outlines?

It’s normal for motivation to wane but when it does, it’s time to check in with ourselves. 

1- Am I living in my values/purpose? We have all experienced instances when things ‘rub the wrong way’ and we can blow it off for awhile but when it becomes a continual thing, it starts to weigh us down and drives us to not want to be there…we dread going in. When this happens, more often than not, there is a misalignment to our values or we no longer align to our purpose. What values are getting hit? How does this align to my purpose?

2- How am I sleeping? Research shows few operate or function well at less than five hours of sleep per night. As a parent, you know when your baby, toddler or teen need a nap— things are going off the rails. That doesn’t change when we become adults, we just no longer have someone telling us “hey, why don’t you go take a nap and maybe you’ll wake up refreshed;” no, we simply just grab a coffee, maybe a Red Bull or soda. It can be challenging to master anything when it’s hard to keep your eyes open or mind focused. So how are you sleeping? 

3- Am I having fun? There’s certain components about when you’re being motivated that’s fun. When you’re so engaged, the energy that is all encompassing,  ideas are flying and everyone’s involved- you know that feeling? It doesn’t happen all the time for me either but I can name several times where that’s happened. Often it can be a shift of our perspective, of which we have full autonomy to change. Are you having fun in the office or taking the time for fun outside of it?

If this resonates with you, please connect with me to discuss what motivation is to you. 

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