Building Trust within Teams

March 16, 2023

(Part 1 of 2 on Why Trust Matters)

Recently, I attended a Lunch & Learn at the local vocational school near me and the topic was “Why Trust Matters in the Workplace”. One of the things I took a way is that we struggle with building trust within our teams.

When I think of all the teams I’ve been apart of, the struggle has been comprised of a lack of the most basic human need of relationship and lack of communication. Relationships create a sense of being heard, seen and known. As an adult, the work done, day-in and day-out comprises 33-50% of a 24 hour period and many identify themselves by their work. If we do not believe, in our core, that we are part of something that matters or is valued, trust cannot bloom and thrive.

When communication only exists at the leadership level, there is no understanding of expectations to achieve the goals stated by the top level. Unexpressed expectations lends itself to chaos with everyone doing what they think is best to get the results and perpetuates the cycle of no communication. It seems like such an easy fix to minimize the struggle of trust in the workplace yet it is a challenge in many organizations.

Does your organization struggle to communicate outside of the leadership team? Bringing in a Facilitator from the outside can kickstart communications. Often, Facilitators can survey the team to identify problem areas and lead discussions to address those challenges.

If you need help building trust with your team, to achieve commitment and get results, connect with me.

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